Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life 
for people with developmental disabilities through 
respectful, compassionate and stable care focusing 
on their individual needs and life goals.

Shane's Place


Homemaker Personal Care and Community Inclusion  for individuals with developmental disabilities who live in their own home but require supportive services. Homemaker/personal care is provided to help a person with daily living activities such as personal hygiene, dressing and eating. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic personal care and grooming, including bathing, hair care, and help with clothing.
  • Help with medications that are usually self-administered when ordered by a doctor.
  • Household services essential to a person’s good health and comfort, such as changing bed linens.
  • Light cleaning in areas of the home used by the person.
  • Preparation of a shopping list, grocery shopping and meal preparation.
  • Laundry services.
  • Other neighborhood errands including going to medical appointments or taking walks.
  • Other activities that ensure a person’s safety, health, and welfare.

Shane's Place provides non-medical transportation.  Individuals may use our transportation services to go anywhere they need to go.